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EveryMove is a healthcare technology company that is rapidly changing the world. We have built a marketplace to help consumers turn their healthy lifestyle activities into valuable rewards from health insurers, employers and retailers.

Web Site:
Headquarters:411 Fairview AVE N
Seattle, WA 98109
United States

About EveryMove:

EveryMove is making waves within the health technology space by revolutionizing the way we take control of our health. We're building an online community where individuals can track hundreds of different physical activities and get recognized and rewarded for their achievements by our growing network of brands, employers and gyms. Not only that, we connect with the leading fitness tracking devices and social networks to seamlessly transform fitness data into value for the consumer and their connected communities.

We've raised 6.1M of funding to date and we've been able to eliminate significant barriers to the success of the business, but we still have a lot of product to build to fully deliver on the consumer promise.

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