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We help facilitate better color communication between your walls, your furniture, your colors, and you. We know it can be hard approaching color for the first time- sometimes the color is too shy, other times too loud. We act as matchmakers by introducing you to the colors we know you'll be compatible with.

Web Site:
Headquarters:120 Lakeside Ave
Suite 310
Seattle, WA 98122
United States
Year Founded:2008
Industry:Consumer Products and Services

About Pure Home:

You might not be able to hear it, but your walls are having a conversation with your furniture.

Sometimes that conversation is a joyful chat, other times it's more like a tense debate. Our goal is to keep that conversation flowing and friendly.

Once you've chosen your colors and created a Look you love, we'll recommend products that match your style. You can save these to your Looks for inspiration or buy them right here in our marketplace.

Whether you're starting a new home, remodeling, or downsizing to something more intimate, we're here to help you make your home distinctly you.

Start creating your dream home today.

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