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SnapStrat ensures your enterprise realizes the full value of its business strategy through better alignment between strategy and execution. Our decision platform adapts and improves strategy execution as your business context changes

Web Site:
Headquarters:Oakland, CA 94611
United States
Year Founded:2016

About SnapStrat Inc.:

SnapStrat is a software platform that provides Strategic Enterprise Alignment. The platform can be configured to help enterprises make specific recurring strategic decisions. There are a broad range of applicable decisions ranging from allocation of marketing spend to labor sourcing strategy to physical location strategy. That platform will be built to facilitate quick configuration for specific decisions either by SnapStrat, the customer, or a third party.

The SnapStrat product architecture will consist of four primary components that provide Strategic Enterprise Alignment:

The SnapStrat Platform is foundational consisting of a set of reusable components providing data management, workflow, model building, data visualization, integration

The Alignment Engine provides analytics and scenario/ "what if" modelling to optimize specific decisions

The Decision Dashboard provides decision metrics tracking and alerts
Decision Optimization provides machine learning capabilities that improve the decision over time

The SnapStrat product provides value to customers in several ways:
--Improved decision outcomes aligned to strategy. These decisions typically directly impact cost, revenue or margins and a small improvement in decision outcome can create expected value in the 10s or 100s of millions of dollars.

--Consistent decision making. In many enterprises, these decisions are manual and are frequently handed-off resulting in inconsistencies both over time and across different parts of the business. SnapStrat will create consistent decision processes that will ensure alignment of the decision throughout an organization.

--More effective decision processes. SnapStrat will automate decision workflow, analytics, and reporting that are typically highly manual processes in enterprises

--Continuous improvement of decisions. Unlike most BI dashboards that look backwards, SnapStrat is based on predictive modelling technologies improves over time. It can also be adjusted to reflect changes in business context or an enterprise's strategy

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