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We're an NYC-based startup that combines online education with expert-mentors to help anyone learn faster. Our mission is to advance the skills of our workforce and help everyone achieve their professional ambitions. Our online courses teach professional skills--such as web development--helping people learn faster than they could on their own.

Web Site:
Headquarters:902 Broadway
6th Floor
New York, NY 10010
United States
Year Founded:2012
Investors:Peter Thiel, Quotidian Ventures, RRE Ventures

About Thinkful:

About Thinkful

Thinkful trains people in technical skills for their future careers. We combine expert mentorship with a project-based curriculum to help people efficiently learn the skills they need to advance. In an economy that demands technical expertise, we believe that outcomes-driven education is a necessary part of everyone's lives.

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Have a voice in the future of education at Thinkful. We are teachers and technologists, designers and producers. Every member of the team contributes to our culture that values intellectual honesty. Join an exciting, funded startup as we continue to grow and advance the state of online learning.

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