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Jump to Current Jobs at TownSpot, Inc. is an online video-hosting website that spotlights quality local talent on individual city pages as well as a global flagship page. Connecting audiences with an array of talent remains challenging due to the limitations of TV programming and existing Internet sites. TownSpot bridges the gap by presenting people with a local video network; one website or "spot" exclusively dedicated to showcasing quality talent to audiences locally and globally. What makes TownSpot unique is how only quality videos will be showcased on the website, not just any random video. Moreover, TownSpot prese

Web Site:
Headquarters:8888 Olympic Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
United States
Year Founded:2011
Industry:Media and Entertainment

About TownSpot, Inc.:

With all of the content and video websites out there on the web, what makes TownSpot different
Well, as a video network and as a business, we strive for quality and connecting with our audience on a real level. No gimmicks, no ploys, just quality content reflective of your town and your community. What makes us different

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1. Quality
All videos are verified by our staff as quality, per the TownSpot Content Policy.

Most people watch online videos due to some kind of referral. You are more inclined to view something shared by a friend because you trust their judgement. Well, TownSpot is like that friend whom you can rely on to bring you great videos that are actually relevant to you and your city. Trust us.

2. Local
Videos originate from your city. The talent is local.

There is a large sense of disassociation out on the web today. We watch content without really connecting. TownSpot aims to give you a more dynamic viewing experience by showing you content from your city that is actually within your grasp. Explore and connect with your city's talent. What you see on TownSpot today, could open a new adventure tomorrow.

3. Relevant Advertisements
We show ads relative to your interest and your community.

Advertisements shown on TownSpot pertain to your city. We target our ads based on your interest so that you see real businesses offering products and services you actually want. Find a local restaurant, or a cool new store, or a fun activity. At TownSpot, our ads contribute to the experience instead of taking away from it. We offer a way for local small businesses to advertise online directly to their local customer base.

4. Intuitive Navigation
Categories and genres help make searching for a video that interests you intuitive and easy.

Browsing through endless videos that have nothing to do with your interest can be a pain. Not to mention having to suffer through "tags" where people tag their video with random not applicable tags just to drive views to them. With our Discover browsing setup, you can find videos based on not just categories, but genres, sub-genres, buzz, release date, and more. And since all the videos are examined and organized by TownSpot staff, you'll always be able to find videos for your interests.

5. Experience
We focus on giving you the best viewing experience possible. You want to get straight to the content that interests you, we understand. You want your viewing of content to be as uninterrupted as possible. We don't have annoying pop-up ads, or things that disrupt your video once it's started playing. At TownSpot, it's all about showing you your city's talent

TownSpot is a Los Angeles based start-up with offices in Beverly Hills run by Chief Executive Officer Josh Cohen whom can be contacted at

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